Are you worried your baby won’t sleep during their newborn session?


You wouldn’t be the first parent to tell me they are worried their newborn won’t sleep during their newborn session. My recommended age for newborn sessions is 7 to 21 days old. Although, I really prefer the 14-18 day range the best. A few days before your session, I will email you a prep guide to help us have the best conditions surrounding the session. It has helpful tips like feed right before you leave the house and give your baby a bath that morning.

Parents that have tried all the tips in my prep guide usually show up with sleepy babies that really never wake up. It’s rare that I see your baby’s eyes during a newborn session. However, once in a while, I do have a baby in the recommended age whose parents followed my prep guide that still remains wide awake. That is OK! I have Plan B poses for everything I would want to do with an asleep newborn.

This little sweetie did not want to miss a thing during her session so we made a few alterations to the plan. Look at how beautiful her images are!

photos of wide awake newborn by herself and with mom holding her at Karen Waits Photography
awake newborn

Please don’t let worries about your baby not sleeping keep you from booking a newborn session. I have more tricks up my sleeve to still get amazing images no matter what!

awake newborn

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