Questions you should be asking your maternity and newborn photographer before booking them

Memphis maternity and newborn photography by Karen Waits Photography

What are some essential questions to ask before hiring a maternity and newborn photographer? It is a very personal and intimate choice to make. I have a lot of clients who come to me with their second pregnancy after they chose a photographer in the past without knowing what to look for and what questions to ask. They were very disappointed with their photos. Time specific sessions like these can’t be done again later so it’s important to choose wisely. Here are some essential questions to ask.

How much experience do they have?

It’s important to choose an experienced photographer. Photographers who have photographed a lot of families will already know all the tricks to posing and flattering angles, interacting with you to put you and your family at ease and dealing with camera shy or uncooperative toddlers (and dads…haha!). They will also have an established business that will still be around for your next baby and all the photo sessions to come. They will have a developed style that stays consistent from session to session.

As an experienced photographer myself, I have been in business for over 20 years and have photographed over 1000 families.

Memphis maternity and newborn photography by Karen Waits Photography
Memphis maternity and newborn photography by Karen Waits Photography

Have they been trained on newborn safety?

It is extremely important for a newborn photographer to know how to pose your baby. They need to know signs and symptoms of baby’s airway being blocked or circulation not flowing properly. Some poses must be done a certain way to make sure neither of these things occur. A photographer who had taken newborn safety courses will know what to look for.

Having photographed hundreds of babies and taken several safety classes specific to newborn photography, I know what to look for and how to avoid placing your baby in any danger. I also keep a very clean and sanitized studio. Items that come directly in contact with your baby’s skin will be washed between sessions. I usually only have one studio session a day. The studio is always sanitized between sessions.

Memphis maternity and newborn photography by Karen Waits Photography
Memphis maternity and newborn photography by Karen Waits Photography

What value is added to their sessions?

After you book them, do you not hear from them again until your session? Do they have a client closet so you don’t have to purchase new outfits for your session? Do they help style your wardrobe so that it enhances you and the end result of your photos? Do they help you prepare for sessions by sending questionnaires and prep guides to lessen your stress and help you feel more prepared for your session? Do they have a professional hair and makeup artist available on their team?

I do ALL these things! I have a personally curated client closet for moms (maternity gowns and bump friendly dresses)and kids. Everything is chosen to look amazing at my locations and with my shooting and editing style. I have signed all my clients up for an online membership with a styling service that helps you see all your choices put together with buying links to places like Old Navy, H&M and online boutiques to get anything you can’t find in my client closet. I will also spend time discussing your choices with you to make sure you have the perfect outfits for your session with no added stress to you. I also have a great makeup artist who will come to my studio before your session to put on the finishing touches.

Memphis maternity and newborn photography by Karen Waits Photography

Are they available when you have questions and do they have and meet turnaround times on your finished galleries?

Do they reply to emails and questions in a timely manner or are they hard to get in contact with? When do they promise to have your finished galleries ready and how often do they meet those deadlines? It is so frustrating to feel like you don’t exist after booking and confusing when you aren’t being communicated with.

I usually reply same day to emails and questions. Your time is precious and I respect that. I am always easy to get in contact with. My turnaround time is under a week with most clients getting their galleries back in a couple days. I am so impatient and don’t like waiting 3-4 weeks to get my own photos back. I make it a point to schedule time in my workflow to making this quick turnaround a priority.

Now you know some crucial questions to ask any maternity and newborn photographers you are considering booking. Hopefully, you will have come to the conclusion that I am the right choice for you! I take great care of my clients and make your experience effortless and stress free while delivering to you beautiful and meaningful portraiture. Let’s discuss your session and get you on my calendar! Check out my maternity and newborn portfolios, Facebook and Instagram.

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