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I’d like to introduce you to Cammie Warren, owner of Affordable Memphis Doula. Services provided include: birth doula, childbirth educator, placenta encapsulation, loss keepsake provider, baby announcement yard signs and sleep coach.


Q: Cammie, can you introduce yourself and tell us why you became a doula?

A: “My name is Cammie Warren.  I’m married to Mike  a military officer for 33 years.  We have lived all over the United States and now call Memphis, TN our home.  God has blessed us with 7 children.  I graduated from Auburn University with a BA in Family and Child Development and education.  I have been a preschool teacher for many years and now work as a doula and midwife assistant and childbirth educator.  I am also certified as a placenta encapsulator.  My desire is to serve Christ by serving women in the pregnant community.”

Q: What is a doula?

A: “A Doula is a trained support person for women and families during pregnancy and birth. A certified Birth Educator can also provide your with birth education classes in a group or individual basis.”

Q: How does a doula help?

A: “She will inform you of the facts considering your choices during birth.  She will offer different coping techniques to ease discomfort, suggestions to help labor progress and offer emotional support throughout pregnancy, birth and  postpartum.”

Q: Why do I need a doula?

A:”Studies show significant positive outcomes of having a doula during labor.  These may include lower c-section rates, less use of pain medication and shorter labors with less complications. I can also encapsulate the placenta to give you back those benefits from your placenta.”

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A certified doula is a non medical part of the birth team that provides continuous emotional, physical and informational support for the birthing mom and family during pregnancy, birth and postpartum. She can also help advocate for the mom and family. During pregnancy, she provides childbirth education, pregnancy health, emotional preparation, medical preparation and helps complete a well informed birth plan. This can lead to more full term births, better outcomes and less trauma. During birth, the doula provides continuous movement, comfort measures, informed choices, encouragement and help for the partner to lead to less medical intervention, less stress and trauma and physical comfort and satisfaction during the labor process. Postpartum the doula can help with breastfeeding, healing, newborn care and birth trauma care. Studies show doulas lead to 28% less c-sections. 40% less pitocin and medical intervention, 60% less likely to ask for pain meds , higher APGAR scores, higher breastfeeding success, less postpartum disorders and trauma , shorter labors and higher satisfaction and self esteem.

You can contact Cammie, a Memphis doula, through her website, and Facebook!

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