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Memphis and Arlington mommas need to check out this amazing Arlington, TN, pediatrician, Dr. Lisa Powell. She opened The Pediatric Clinic over a year ago. I had heard so many good things about her practice that I will be switching my own 3 kiddos over to her. Here are a few things that I love about this office:

  • You are put in a room immediately. No waiting for 45 minutes in a big general waiting room.
  • They have separate halls for sick vs well visits. You will not pick up a virus taking your new baby for one of the many well visits you have to do that first year.
  • And…the kicker…they will treat sick parents too and do parent flu shots when you bring the kids in for theirs. How many times have you schlepped your sick kid to the doctor when you had the same thing, but they wouldn’t treat you too?
  • Dr. Lisa has such an obvious love for children and it shows every time you interact with her.
You are put in a room immediately. They have separate halls for sick vs well visits. The big bonus (and what makes them amazing) is that they will treat sick parents too and do parent flu shots when you bring the kids in for theirs).

I wanted to introduce ya’ll to her, too, so I called her up for a quick interview.

Q: Can you introduce yourself and tell us what drew you to being a pediatrician?

A: “Hello, My name is Lisa Powell and I am the owner of The Pediatric Clinic in Arlington, Tennessee. We opened our clinic in July, 2021, and have been amazed at the warm welcome in the community.

After graduating nursing school in 2008, I worked in the emergency department for over 9 years. If you had asked me 10-years ago if I would ever be working in a pediatric clinic, I would have bet my last dollar that I would never be in a pediatric clinic. I am glad I didn’t place THAT bet!

After deciding to find a job closer to home after graduating from nurse practitioner school, I found a job in a pediatric clinic as a nurse practitioner in 2019. The joy and personal satisfaction I found there was far beyond what I would have ever imagined. Nothing in the world is better than hearing the kids running down the hall saying ‘Dr. Lisa….’ as they give me a hug. It didn’t take long until I could not imagine NOT working with children.”

Q: What services do you offer and do you also offer services for parents?

A: “The Pediatric Clinic provides wellness and sick visits for children. In addition to seeing children, we can see adults when they are ill. The idea is that when a mom or dad and child are sick, we see them both. Let’s face it, how many times do moms suffer and not go to the doctor after taking their child to the doctor? MANY!!!!  Our parents love that we can see them, too.

We can do minor skin repair, check for: mono, strep, flu, covid, RSV, UTI. We have an in-house CBC machine and check for infection and anemia. We are a single provider office, so your child is seen by the same provider each time. We are also available to our current patients after hours by phone. Our staff is the most amazing with our patients. After all, no matter what our age, we are all kids at heart. “

Q: How can we contact you to discuss your services further?

A: “To find out more about The Pediatric Clinic, check us out at or call us at 901-317-7958. You can also find us on Facebook and Instagram!”

Moms, please do yourself a favor and check out our newest Arlington pediatrician, Dr. Lisa Powell!

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